St. Anthony – Years 5 / 6

St. Anthony of Padua, patron saint of lost and stolen articles, was a powerful Franciscan preacher and teacher. He’s typically portrayed holding the child Jesus, a lily, a book or all three. If you come to visit us, you will see an image of St. Anthony displayed on the door to our classroom!

St. Anthony lived his life as every Christian should; he courageously faced challenges, showed concern for the needs of others and was always willing to forgive. In St. Anthony’s class, we try to follow the example of our class saint.


Learning in Year 5 and Year 6 

The emphasis in Year 5 and Year 6 is upon taking an increased personal responsibility for learning, in order to prepare yourself for being ready for secondary school. Children can decide where they wish to start with their learning, and are often asked: what challenge they are setting themselves today: good? amazing?, or awesome? In our classroom, we work closely in teams which change every half-term. We enjoy the chance to work with different class members closely in order to improve our learning. 


The children in Year 5 and Year 6 may have literacy or mathematics lessons with a different teacher. During the afternoon we return together for other lessons in the curriculum including PE, which takes place twice a week. 


In Year 5 and Year 6 we use an App called 'Class Dojo' to keep track of children's behaviour and achievements. We also share pictures of our learning and achievements. Parents can access this App in order to gain further information on their child's learning. 


Helping at Home 

We hope that our homework activities act as a signpost to support your child's learning further at home; we fully appreciate your support along your child’s learning journey.

As teachers, we feel that in the primary age range, there are several homework activities which have a direct impact on children’s overall progress at this early stage in their education. These include:  consolidation of basic mathematical facts, learning spelling patterns and developing reading for pleasure.   

With this in mind, we will be setting the following activities each week:


Children should be reading 2 or 3 times a week for 10 minutes or more at Key Stage Two. We will hear your child read at school on a regular basis, but reading skills will focus more on comprehension and answering questions about the text rather than decoding. Children will continue to develop their reading skills on a daily basis through reading lessons.


The children have a subscription to the website 'Spelling Shed'and will have a log on to access the site. Here we will place our regular spelling lists for the children to learn. The children will also be able to learn their 'Big Spell' words (a set of 50 statutory key words for Y5 and Y6) ready for their half-termly test. Progress will be monitored by teachers electronically. 

Times Table Rockstars 

The children also have a log on to access this website. Here, they can learn and rehearse their mental maths facts. Progress will be monitored electronically by teachers, and times tables appropriate to children's development set. 


Children will receive a home learning sheet covering the objectives taught in class that week. These will be given out on a Thursday. Children should return these sheets to school when they have completed them. 



As the oldest class in the school, we try to set a positive example and be good friends to younger children who need our help. Our Year Six children are proud to be ‘buddies’ to the Reception children in St. Joseph’s Class. The children in Year 6 also have important responsibilities around school; such as being House Captains, delivering registers etc. We also have a Head Boy and Head Girl, who are voted to represent the children in school after they have written a successful manifesto and won an election campaign! We contribute to school celebrations of Mass with Father Teddy and enjoy writing prayers to share with the rest of the school.


Extra - curricular 

Our Year 6 residential visit to Alton Castle, a retreat centre in rural Staffordshire, is one of the most eagerly anticipated events at Our Lady's! Alongside this experience, the children have lots of other exciting experiences planned throughout the year, often related to their topic work. 

This year, we are establishing our netball and football teams, with children in St Anthony's class representing our school in matches and tournaments. There are also plenty of after school clubs which the children can participate in. 


General Reminders

*The children can bring a pencil case to be kept in their bag for special work.  We will provide all that they need for everyday work.

*Thursday PE  -  Outdoor PE – please bring warmer kit when the weather gets colder 

*Wednesday PE – Indoor Kit               


Helpful Websites

Spell zone -

Spelling Shed - 

Times Tables -    

History - 


Please come and see us - our door is always open!     Miss Haley & Mrs McGregor

Age related expectations for Year 5

Age related expectations for Year 6