Teaching and Learning


How we plan our curriculum

 Teachers develop half/termly units of based on a theme which deepens the children learning and
  • Makes the learning exciting and relevant
  • Ensures learning is challenging for all
  • Optimises opportunities to implement new skills.


  • Our Long term plan sets high expectations so that all staff are clear about what children need to learn
  • Staff are encouraged to be creative and challenging in their approach to teaching the knowledge and skills necessary for different subjects. 
  • Children will have an opportunity to experience Art, Geography, Music, Science, History and DT every term All themes will be launched with a key learning experience which is stimulating and engaging. Literacy and Numeracy will each be taught in hour long sessions every day, but learning in these subjects will also be explore through other curriculum areas.
  • A rich Curriculum is offered that makes use of the local area as well as visits to museums such as St John's and live screenings with the Royal Shakespeare Company. 


Assessment for individual pupils is a best fit judgement based on the level descriptors that children have worked towards throughout the year.
Assessment lies at the heart of the process of promoting children’s learning. It provides a framework for setting educational objectives and monitoring and communicating children’s progress. Assessment is carried out in partnership with children. We want our assessments of pupils’ progress to celebrate success and discourage underachievement.
At Our Lady’s, assessment must be a part of all teaching strategies to help identify areas for development and chart progress. It helps us to strengthen learning across the curriculum and helps teachers enhance their skills and judgements.


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Plans - Reception

History and Geography

History Statement

Georgraphy Statement

Art and Design Technology


Design Technology