The role of the Governing Board is to act collectively in the best interest of the children, ensuring the good conduct of the school and promoting high standards of educational achievement. In practice this means ensuring the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction, holding the executive leaders to account for educational performance and overseeing the school’s financial performance.

 Our Lady’s Primary School has a board of 12 governors comprising of one Local Authority governor, seven Foundation governors appointed by the Diocese, two parent governors, a staff representative and the Headteacher. Simon Everitt, who is a Foundation governor, chairs the Governing Board.

 The Governing Board meets seven times per year, with a governance business meeting at the start of the academic year and two meetings each term. The Board has adopted the ‘Circle model ‘of governance and operates without any separate committees. In their meeting the full governing board reviews all the required tasks and commissions assignments or activities arising from the business of the meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes as actions.

 As part of our ‘Circle model’ of governance, the Full Governing Board delegates monitoring activities to ‘monitoring groups’ in line with the Terms of Reference for those groups which are summarised below. In each case where a function has been delegated there is a statutory duty to report any action or decision to the governing body at the next meeting.

 Group members have been chosen because they have a particular interest or some special expertise to contribute.


Simon Everitt - Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor

Peter Griffin - Vice Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor

Claire Biggadike Foundation Governor

Chris Bracey - Foundation Governor

Ruth Haley -Staff Governor

Elizabeth Burnett  Foundation Governor

Rachael Batson - Foundation Governor (Head Teacher)

Jeremy Turner -  Foundation Governor

Chris Bartup - Parent Governor

Amy Husband - Parent Governor

David Maceluch - Clerk



Group Structure

While some responsibilities remain the preserve of the Full Governing Board such as the appointment of new governors and certain safeguarding requirements, most responsibilities are delegated to the Headteacher. The governing body then monitors the activities and performance of the school against the priorities in the School Plan and this is done by the following Monitoring Groups who regularly visit the school and report back to the Full Governing Board.

In addition, key priorities identified in the School’s Development Plan are allocated to nominated governors who are responsible for visiting the school to monitor progress and report back regularly to the Governing Board.


Members: Simon Everitt; Chris Bracey; Elizabeth Burnett

Role: To work closely with the senior managers of the school to develop a strategy leading to the improvement of the school.

Budget and Finance

Members: J.Turner; P. Griffin

Role: To oversee the three year budget plan ensuring it shows clear links to the School Development Plan; monitor school finances and that all expenditure offers value for money.

Safeguarding and Behaviour

Members: E. Burnett

Role: To maintain oversight and scrutiny of safeguarding and behaviour policies, procedures and practice within the school.

Staff Pay and Appraisal

Members: Pay Panel TBA

Role: To approve, or otherwise, the Headteacher’s recommendations for pay, progression or additional responsibility for all staff according to the school’s policy.

Headteacher Appraisal

Members: Chris Bracey; Peter Griffin; Jeremy Turner; Simon Everitt

Role: To jointly, with an independent advisor, determine the Headteacher’s annual objectives and review performance and subsequent recommendation on pay progression.


Members: TBA

Role: To monitor the staffing strategy within the school, and to scrutinise the Headteacher’s proposals for significant changes.

Health & Safety, Premises

Members: C. Bracey 

Role: To monitor the compliance of the school in meeting both its statutory responsibilities and its own policies, and ensuring the school is maintained to provide a safe environment for all users.

Catholic Life (incl British Values)


Role: To ensure the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a Catholic school.

Teaching, Learning, Assessment & Curriculum 

Members: E. Burnett

Role: To monitor the systems and tools used within the school which have been designed to assess the students learning and the teaching staff’s delivery of those protocols. Also to monitor the implementation of the school’s curriculum is ensuring progress against the National Curriculum and the School Development Plan

Special Educational Needs (SEND) & Inclusion

Members: S. Everitt

Role: To monitor and review the progress of the school’s SEND policy against the School Development Plan and evaluate its impact.

Pupil Progress and Attainment

Members:  All Governors – invited to attend termly data meetings

Role: To evaluate the school’s performance data and assess progress against the School Development Plan including Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.

Communications (incl school website)

Members: J. Turner

Role: To ensure the Governing Body’s communications are effective and two-way, to represent the Governors when appropriate and to publicise statutory information.

Governor Training & Development

Members: P. Griffin

Role: To focus on the development needs of Governors and ensure induction arrangements for new Governors.


Members: Claire Biggadike

Pupil Premium/Sport Funding

Members: TBA

Governors' Pen Portraits

Simon Everitt


Peter Griffin


Claire Biggadike


Chris Bracey


Ruth Haley


Elizabeth Burnett


Kieran McCullough


Rachael Batson


Jeremy Turner

Jeremy Turner attends St Anne's Church, Wappenbury and has one grandson already attending Our Lady's School, and another joining in September 2020. He is originally from Stoke on Trent but has been living in South Warwickshire since 1984, firstly in Kenilworth and since 2003 in Offchurch. He is a Chartered Accountant and currently works for an international express parcels company in Coventry. He has been a member of Kenilworth Catenian Circle since 2002. HIs wife Helen has worked as a Teaching Assistant at St Augustine's RC School, Kenilworth for 30 years.

David Maceluch