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This is what we think about our school!

I like coming to this school because it helps you learn and it is fun. Maya YR


I like school because I have lots of friends and I get to play. Thomas YR


I like this school because I like painiting and the teachers are nice. Lilie YR


I like the outside classroom. Noah YR


The teachers are really nice and lessons are hard but you get help if you need it. Charlotte Y1


I think this school is fun and I've got lots of friends. Oliver Y1



The work is really fun and interesting and you get to do lots of different things. Liam Y1


I like the lessons because they help you to get clever and the teachers will help you if you get stuck. Zoe Y1


We have lots of fun activities in lessons and our teachers are beautiful. Joshua Y2


The teachers in school are funny and have good lessons for us to do. Samuel Y2


The children are really nice at this school.  The lessons are good fun and we can find out about new things. Alice Y2


The teachers are really friendly and kind. Lessons are fun and some lessons challenge me. Sofia Y2

The playground is exciting because the children are friendly and we can play football and basketball at playtime. Alex  E Y3


This school is a very good school because it is friendly and when I started in Year 2 the children made me feel happy and welcome and the teachers helped me to settle in. Summer Y3


All the teachers are really kind and if you are hurt they look after you. James Y3


The teachers are supportive and friendly. Lessons are interesting and the teachers help us to understand things. Alexandra Y3


I recommend this school because the pupils and teachers are very welcoming and the lessons are enjoyable. James Y4


This school is special because the teachers are kind and you make good friends. Ettie Y4


This school is good because the pupils are welcoming and kind. The teachers are helpful and the lessons are interesting and if your are clever some of the lessons are challenging. Tom Y4


This school is special because the teachers help you with anything and you can make really good friends. Olivia Y4


The thing that makes this school great is that all the teachers are fair and fun. I would recommend this school to any child because through all the year groups we have fun and there is good discipline. Olivia Y5


Our Lady's is a brilliant school because it has a large playground and two fields that we can play football on in the Spring and Summer. The teachers are nice and they teach us lots of stuff including Science, English, Maths and Computing. George Y6


This is a brilliant school with brilliant teachers so I would really recommend this school to any new parents and children who are going to join us in Reception or move from another school. One of my favourite things about this school is that when you are Year 6 you get a 'buddy' in Reception to help and look after during their first year at school. Millie-Beth Y6


I like this school because there are so many clubs. Rowan Y6


I like this school because it is a great school, and it is safe and friendly. The teachers are really nice and they always support us and help us with anything. Leah Y6



How do you start a Meerkat race?

One, two, flea go!


Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Nobel who?

No bell ,so I just knocked!


Why did the cow cross the road?

Because he wanted to go to the moovies.


What did the traffic lights say to the car?

Don't look I'm changing.


What is green and bounces around the garden?

Spring Onions.


Why didn't the skeleton jump off the cliff?

Because he had no guts.

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